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Find out best wireless tattoo machines 2020, and best wireless tattoo machines pen. Get information about wireless scorpion tattoo machine kit. Dragoart wireless tattoo machine cordless, wireless tattoo pen.

Tattooing is a particular art. From being a hobbyist to known tattoo artists, everyone in the industry has their styles and preferences.
When it comes to tattooing, the choice of accessories is just as important as anything else. If you’re a beginner, this guide will help you to understand all the essential aspects of this cordless technology.

If you are beginner and want to test your skills, we suggest you should Use Tattoo Transfer Paper before going practical. A good Tattoo Transfer Paper helps you to adjust your tattoo, before tattooing it on the skin.

What is Wireless Tattoo Machine?

As its name says, the term “wireless” refers to a piece of machinery that can operate without a power cord, powered by a rechargeable battery.

Same as a wireless tattoo machine will have the same principle by being operated with rechargeable batteries. There are a couple of possibilities you will find in terms of controlling the voltage system, including:

1- Using a battery pack that allows you to switch the voltage directly from the box or,

2- Using a foot-switch that will be wirelessly connected to the battery pack, then adjusting the force.

Any of the two (2) options will give you the liberty of not using any cords; however, there will be some advantages and disadvantages for each one of them. We will discuss it in the next sections.

It is a relatively new technology in the tattoo industry, and currently, a few brands are making wireless tattoo machines.

While wireless adapters are in use for some time now, native wireless power supplies are catching the market and getting popular in a short period.

However, as they say – no two snowflakes are alike. The same goes for wireless tattoo machines. Each is different from others, based on their performance and features. Therefore, you must choose the top-rated wireless tattoo machine.

Best Wireless Tattoo Machines

  1. Scorpion Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit Review
  2. Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Machine
  3. Dragoart Wireless Tattoo Machine Review
  4. Mast Wireless Tattoo Machine Review
  5. Solong Rotary Tattoo Machine with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply Review
  6. CINRA Wireless Tattoo Cartridge Machine Pen With LCD Display
  7. Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Black with Coreless Motor Tattoo Wireless

Dragoart is one of the affordable wireless rechargeable rotary pen machine brands that deserve your attention. Dragoart already has its fair share in the tattoo machines market, so why not give it a try?

Things to Consider

If you are a professional or beginner and starting to learn the basics of wireless tattoo machines, this latest technology can be an option to think about; However, there are a few tips, which I recommend you take into account before buying.


The first thing you have to look for is the battery; this includes the battery life, working time while in operation, and the charging time. From 3 points, as mentioned earlier, I would say the most important is the battery timing (work for hours without breaking the tempo, don’t even think about recharging the batteries).

Always keep looking for variation in power while tattooing, which will indicate that your battery needs to recharge. When you feel this, we recommend that you should replace it with a freshly charged battery.

Machine Weight

A high-quality wireless tattoo machine gives you the increased ability plus resilient usage as there is no need to deal with a bulky cord. By adding a rechargeable battery as a power source will slightly increase the weight of the machine.

If the rechargeable tattoo machine starts to feel heavy and looks too challenging to work with, it is not worth to buy it at all, if you love lightweight tattoo machines.

Always take an in-depth look into the weight, along with the battery and all the add-ons attached.

Needle Compatibility

Needles are sold separately, and most wireless tattoo machines have specific needle projection dimensions. This makes them incompatible with using other types of needles.

The same happens with cordless tattoo machines, which experienced with Scorpion Tattoo Machine range, which uses a magnetic feature to adjust and operate the needles.

If you ended buying a machine that does not require a cord connection, I would recommend you include the set of needles compatible with that machine.

Ask your provider if other tattoo needles are compatible with your current machine.


Same as needles, some specific machines are only compatible with a wireless feature. For example, I tested one of my friend’s coil custom tattoo machines, and i was too annoyed about its low voltage response. Maybe, a 10 coil tattoo machine was a bit too much for the battery pack we connected.

Currently, wireless tattoo machine brands available in the market are focusing on modifying their models to create compatibility with rotary tattoo machines.

Lastly, if you are willing to test your current machine, make sure it has an RCA connection.

Wireless Tattoo Machine Power supply

As mentioned earlier, wireless tattoo guns are still evolving; several models differ on how they connect to a power supply. As wireless models use rechargeable batteries, the wireless tattoo machine gun pen can be more adaptable and easy to use.

Take an in-depth look into how your tattoo machine will connect to adapters and how easy it is to plugs-in and use it with batteries.

The regular models available in the market are the ones where you can change the battery. It is handy; however, a couple of less popular things I found are the potential comparability and the overall weight.

On the other hand, only Ink Machines manufactures a system that can offer the feature of controlling the voltage by using a different set of battery packs calibrated to operate at your selected voltages.

The wireless tattoo machine system will detect which battery pack will work, and the controller will give you real-time readings while operating.

Wireless Kit

Most cordless tattoo machines are sold with a complete kit. That includes a foot pedal, batteries, power supply, charging lines, adapters, tattoo guns, and compatible needle.

The wireless tattoo machine kit price may vary depending on the components and their quality.


What are your views on this? Have you ever used best wireless tattoo machines? How was your experience? Let us know by using comments section below.

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