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10 Best Tattoo Transfer Paper – Stencil Transfer Paper 2020

Are you unable to find best tattoo transfer paper? here is the list of best transfer paper for tattoos and best stencil transfer paper 2020.

Have you given a thought to what makes a tattoo more detailed success and clear? there is nothing better than a stencil paper.

If you are a beginner tattoo maker, you should get some top rated tattoo transfer papers to test your designs.

With the help of a quality affordable tattoo transfer paper a tattoo artist can make a sketch of client’s tattoo idea, before tattooing it on the skin.

These papers are specially made to test the tattoo, a beginner should always transfer the idea on a stencil transfer paper, to avoid any error. Homemade tattoo transfer paper are also very common to use if you are a beginner.

In this tattoo transfer paper review guide, we will discuss what ​exactly tattoo transfer paper are, the different types tattoo transfer paper are available. Also, what to look when buying transfer stencil paper, and review the best transfer paper for tattoos on the market to buy.

Where can i buy transfer paper for tattoos? well there are a lot of online and offline places are available from which you can buy one.

Best Tattoo Transfer Paper

Different brands are selling high quality tattoo transfer paper, below are some of the cheap tattoo transfer paper you can buy from.

  1. NYKKOLA Stencil Transfer Paper
  2. PFT Transfer Stencil paper
  3. Y-NOT Thermal Tattoo Transfer Paper
  4. New Star Tattoo Stencil Paper
  5. JASSINS Transfer Stencil Paper Sheets
  6. Spirit Thermofax Thermal Transfer and Stencil Paper
  7. H88 Tattoo Transfer Stencil papers
  8. Bekith Transfer Stencil Paper
  9. Pirate Face Tattoo Thermal Stencil Transfer Paper
  10. Dragon Hawk Tattoo Thermal

Best Stencil Transfer Paper

CINRA Tattoo Stencil Paper Tattoo Supplies for Tattoos

The Cinara tattoo transfer paper for tattoos has 30 sheets high quality stencil paper for testing your skills. These budget tattoo stencil paper can help beginner and professional tattoo artist to transfer tattoo design on skin.

This is a 4 layered transfer paper sheet, the first sheet is called as master sheet. Second sheet is called as protective tissue sheet, third one comes with carbon page and last sheet is backing sheet.

High quality material is used while making these tattoo transfer paper for tattoos. Many professional tattoo artiest are using these tattoo transfer paper to save money and time as well.

These tattoo transfer paper can also be used to transfer the tattoo design on the skin with tattoo transfer machine. Cinra stencil paper, transfer paper for tattooing is top rated tattoo transfer paper.

How to use tattoo transfer paper

After making a tattoo on the skin, its really difficult to remove it permanently. So question is how to make a temporary tattoo? Well, tattoo transfer paper is made to help you to make a tattoo temporary before transferring it to the skin.

Tattoo transfer paper helps to make tattoo in trashing and some time with the help of it we can copy pre-made tattoos.

So basically best tattoo transfer paper are to to make temporary tattoo to avoid mistakes while making permanent tattoo.

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Types of Tattoo Transfer Paper

There are two types of tattoo transfer paper Hectograph or Freehand and Thermal. Actually both are of same nature and perform same functions as well, but they have some differences.

Hectograph Paper or Freehand Tattoo Transfer Paper

The hectograph tattoo transfer paper also known as freehand tattoo transfer paper are used with dab framework printers.

These papers are really useful when you make stencils using your hands rather than a thermal printer.

It is really simple to draw the sketch of your tattoo designs on the white surface of this paper.

The Hectograph tattoo transfer paper has three layers, as top layered sheet is used to draw the sketch.

The second sheet is thrown away and the third sheet exchanges that tattoo configuration.

A lot of shading choices are available in the freehand tattoo transfer paper.

Thermal Tattoo Transfer Paper

Thermographic transfer paper or Thermal tattoo transfer paper is a four layered sheet. The first sheet is used to apply the tattoo on the skin. The second layer is protective layer that protect the purple ink of third page and let it going to no where.

This layer thrown out before to use and its garbage you don’t need to use it anywhere. Third layer is purple or blue color ink or you can say carbon copy that ink is going to apply on your skin. The last sheet is thick yellow sheet, which keeps all the sheets bind together.

Frequently Asked Question / People Also Ask

What kind of paper is used for tattoo transfer?

There are two types of paper used for tattoo transfer, Hectograph transfer paper or manual transfer papers, or free hand transfer paper. These paper work in the same way as carbon copy sheets. They are the same sheets, which are used with typewriters or older dot matrix printers.

Can you use a regular printer for tattoo stencils?

Yes you can use older model dot-matrix printer and carbon transfer paper for tattoo stencils. There are several other ways to make a tattoo stencils, including hand tracing a design on contact paper or printing a stencil using a thermal copy machine.

How do you use tattoo transfer paper at home?

You can use tattoo transfer paper at home easily by following steps given below. Press a bit hard carbon copy down onto your client’s skin.
After the client’s skin is wet enough with soapy water, realign the carbon copy of the tattoo over the skin. Ask for your client’s approval of the placement, and then press the carbon copy down. Use your hands to completely smooth it out.

How do you make tattoo stencils with transfer paper?

Trace your desired tattoo design using the tracing paper using transfer paper.
Place the tracing paper on the white sheet and follow the lines using any ball point pen or pencil.
Cut around your design and paste it on your client’s skin carefully.

How do you use tattoo transfer paper by hand?

Press the carbon copy down onto your client’s skin.
Once your client’s skin is wet with soapy water, realign the carbon copy of the tattoo over the skin. Ask for your client’s approval of the placement, and then press the carbon copy down. Use your hands to completely smooth it out.

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